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Portrait of a Boy  30x48 acrylic on canvas

Given a few tidbits about the personality of her subject, Packard creates an environment tailored to envelope and delight the fancies of her muse.

Family Portrait Editted.jpg

Dinner with the Family  36x24 acrylic on canvas


Mural at FATE Alehouse

30'x10' Old Town Lafayette, Colorado

Packard's mural mimics the incredible view of the Rocky Mountain Foothills and Flatirons seen so well from the town of Lafayette.  Here, hot-air balloon viewing is prime in summer and fall, but not so commonly lugging barrels of FATE Brewing Company's mouthwatering beer--even the hummingbirds want a sip!

Three mischievous squirrels meddle with a spool of yarn, illustrating the myth of the Three Fates who determine one's lifespan, and their Thread of Life (one Fate/squirrel spins the thread, one measures it, one cuts it).

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